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Victoria Black vegan knee high boot

Victoria Black vegan knee high boot

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Victoria black knee high boot with chunky sole made from vegan leather

Shop online Victoria Black, the knee high boots with a slip-resistant sole made of high quality vegan leather, a sustainable, innovative and cruelty-free material.

Their solid, timeless pattern gives a great balance between temperance and agility, while having an undeniable comfort and functionality. They were built to last (with a welt stitched front cap for more resistance and flexibility). The exterior is water resistant and the chunky soles gives the perfect protection against rainy days and cold wheather.

Made with toxin free materials, they are hypoallergenic, breathable and antibacterial (preventing bad odours). Their moisture-wicking insole is made from EVA foam so you don't need to worry about blisters.

They are the best choice for winter because of their modern and versatile look for countless occasions and outfits. The Victoria boots offer the perfect all-in-one combination of style and comfort.

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