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Acacia Black Vegan Flat, cushioned sandals with cords

Acacia Black Vegan Flat, cushioned sandals with cords

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Acacia Black: the women's flat, backless sandals with knotted cords on the ankle, crafted with recycled PET, made from nobuk like microfiber

Shop online Acacia, the flat sandals with knotted cords around the ankle, made from vegan nobuk: a sustainable, innovative, cruelty free, light and lasting material.

This open and casual model has a morphologicaly hybrid design between a sandal and a shoe, that gives way to the freshness that Summer demands. They're comfortable and cushioned so that you can use them all day long. And, besides all of that, they were made in a way that respects the environment.

Made with hypoallergenic materials and free from environmental toxins. They are breathable and anti-microbial (preventing suffocation and bad odor). To add contrast, the recycled PET cord laces cross can be adjusted to better fit your ankle.

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