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Magnolia Piñatex Vegan heel Sandals with a buckle

Magnolia Piñatex Vegan heel Sandals with a buckle

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Magnolia Piñatex: the women's heel sandals with criss-cross straps and a buckle on the ankle crafted with organic fabric, made from pineapple leaf fibers

Shop online Magnolia Piñatex, the criss-cross sandals made from Piñatex. This innovative material comes from the reuse of the residue created by the pineapple farming industry. It uses the pineapple leaf fibers to obtain a biodegradable, renewable and cruelty-free textile.

This clump like model has a beautiful and minimalist style, without any barroque elements that burden their aesthetic and has the freshness of an open shoe. Furthermore it has the Nae logo printed on the heel area, the straps are nailed to the sole by metallic tacks and it has a buckle on the ankle.

Made of hypoallergenic materials and free from environmental toxins, they are breathable (preventing suffocation and excessive foot sweat) and antimicrobial (prevents bad odors). The sole is made of wood with an organic crepe rubber base that makes them easy to clean. They are fresh sandals and have a soft and slip-resistant step.

A versatile sandal that you can match with various outfits for very occasions, they are easy to wear and to walk with their divided heel between the foot and the ankle. They are the perfect match between fashion and comfort.

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