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FABRIC Ceramics

Ceramic mug "French Riviera" 250ml

Ceramic mug "French Riviera" 250ml

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Coffee and tea mugs for at home or on the go

- Content 250ml , diameter 9 cm, height 10 cm

- Colour: light blue with black dots
- Material: stoneware
- Optional silicone lid with drinking opening, colour: black

- The lid and mug are dishwasher safe

(The silicone lid has to be added separately to your order. In the interests of sustainability, please only put the number of lids in your shopping cart that you actually need. This saves resources. If you don't need a lid, you can skip this step).


The FABRIC ceramic mug small (250ml) is the ideal companion for everyday use.


You can either enjoy your drink simply and comfortably at home or on the go as a to-go variant. Due to its dimensions, the small version is ideal for cappuccino, extended drinks, iced coffee and tea. . .

You will receive a handcrafted ceramic mug in which you can enjoy your hot and cold drinks. Thanks to a silicone lid that fits any cup size, you can also transport your drink safely. The ceramic mugs are ideal for cafés, coffee shops, bistros and bakeries that offer coffee and co. for on the go. Just take your mug with you and have your drink poured directly into it. Some cafes even offer a discount on coffee mugs you bring with you.

There are also hand-knitted felt rings to protect your hands from the heat. With coffee it is usually not necessary, with boiling water it can get very hot.

All ceramic pieces are made of food safe materials and non-toxic glazes.

Because each item is individually handcrafted, shape and color may vary. The pictures serve as a guide. Each mug is unique.

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