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Jasmin Black Vegan heel Sandals with a buckle

Jasmin Black Vegan heel Sandals with a buckle

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Jasmin Black: the women's heeled sandals with criss-cross straps and buckle crafted from suede like microfiber

Shop online Jasmin Black, the high-heeled criss-cross sandals on the foot and ankle made from vegan suede: a sustainable, innovative, cruelty-free and durable material.

This sober and solid color model has a balanced design that matches an elegant or casual look. It has the NAE logo printed on the heel area and a buckle that matches the sandals color (black - silver, red - aged gold).

Made of hypoallergenic materials and free from environmental toxins, they are breathable (preventing suffocation and excessive sweat) and antimicrobial (preventing bad odor). They have a moisture-wicking insole made of EVA foam (that, along with the heel inclination provides foot arch support). It has a lining to make you feel like you have a second skin, and there are very few stitching in direct contact with the feet so that you don't worry about friction nor blisters.

They are a fresh and easy to wear sandals, aesthetically versatile and the perfect match between fashion and comfort.Available in black and red.

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