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Donkey Black vegan loafer chunky sole

Donkey Black vegan loafer chunky sole

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Donkey Black Loafer with a strip on the foot top made with vegan leather

Shop online Esel Black, the vegan loafers with a decorative strap on the foot top made of high quality vegan leather: a sustainable, water resistant, light, durable and cruelty free material.

A timeless style with a solid pattern and a well traced figure with a cheeky touch from the indented chunky soles that make for a modern and innovative model with a wonderful balance between flashy and sophisticated. They have a welt stitch around the shoes for a better resistance.

Made of toxic free materials and hypoallergenic, these vegan boots are breathable (preventing suffocation and foot sweat), antibacterial (preventing bad odors) and have a moisture-wicking padded EVA foot bed, that makes them a very comfortable model and helps prevent the formation of blisters.

Furthermore, they have an attractive and versatile design that matches a wide range of semiformal

and urban attires. And, given their comfort they are great to wear all day long, both indoors and outdoors.

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