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Edu Cork Vegan Derby Cap Toe

Edu Cork Vegan Derby Cap Toe

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Edu Cork: vegan derby cap toe made of cork

Shop online Edu Cork, the men's derby cap toe made of cork (FSC certified) a sustainable, innovative, cruelty-free, organic and biodegradable material.

These are the perfect match between the traditional, smart derby style and the natural beauty of cork that gives this versatile shoe a distinguished touch to this versatile shoe.

Both the interior and the insole are hypoallergenic and made of toxin free materials. This fabric is breathable (to prevent suffocation and excessive foot sweat) and antibacterial (which prevents the formation of odors). The moisture wicking EVA padded insole padded and all the lining attributes make these shoes very flexible and you can wear them whitout worrying about blisters.

All in all, these are very attractive shoes that match a wide range of dressing styles. And, given their comfort, they are perfect to wear every day, anywhere. This is why they are a perfect match between fashion and comfort.

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