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Dara Pink lace-up basic sport sneakers

Dara Pink lace-up basic sport sneakers

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Dara Pink: the smart, minimalist, urban low-top fashion sneakers with cotton laces, crafted from recycled microfiber

Shop Online Dara Pink, the lace-up, low-top urban fashion sneakers, crafted from microfibers a sustainable, innovative, cruelty-free, and durable material

With a sporty, basic and timeless design, they have a versatile and contemporary look that will match with several types of clothes - no matter the color combinations - and are well suited for countless occasions always look fashionable. Their upper with several layers made with different materials and colors, where highlights the pink, violet and with as colorful statement, and combines capes of leather-effect microfibre with fluffy polyester ones. In terms of detailing, they show the logo situated on the tongue

Are also designed for freedom of movement for a long-term use, with a hypoallergenic and free from environmental toxins material composition. On top of this, the shoes are breathable, able to avoid foot sweat and suffocation, and are antibacterial, which helps to prevent the development of odors. They feature a moisture-wicking footbed padded with EVA to provide arch support and a collar padded with inner foam, which, along with the lining attributes, makes them a flexible model which prevents blisters

Simple but continuously trendy sports shoes, they are very comfortable for all-day wear, both indoors and out. The perfect all-in-one combination of fashion and comfort

Available with predominant color pattern in white and pink

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