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Clove Red Vegan Low-Top Lace-Up Sneakers

Clove Red Vegan Low-Top Lace-Up Sneakers

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Clove Red: low-top smart minimalist sneakers basic lace-ups vulcanized soles crafted from apple leather

Shop online Clove Red, the low-top urban sneakers with vulcanizes sole and shoe laces made from Apple Leather: a material made with the residue from the apple juice industry a sustainable, cruelty-free and innovative alternative to animal leather.

These simple and timeless sport sneakers are always in vogue. They are attractive and dynamic and were made in a way that respects the environment. They have a lot of aesthetic details such as the embroidered logo on the tongue tag and it is also engraved on the sole top. Besides the stripe that bonds the sole and the upper, it has a welt stitch that circles the sneakers and reinforcement stitching for a more resistant and rounded finishing.

Made with hypoallergenic materials and free from environmental toxins. Their interior is very comfortable preventing blisters, they are breathable (preventing suffocation and excessive foot perspiration), anti-microbial (helps prevent bad odors) and water resistant.

You can wear these sneakers all day long, both on the inside of a building or outside for a walk, matching them with casual and fresh looks for any occasion. Find the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.

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