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Basil Black Vegan Sandals with ankle straps

Basil Black Vegan Sandals with ankle straps

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Basil Black: the women's flat sandals with a buckle and ankle straps crafted with organic fabric, made from pineapple leaf fibers

Shop online Basil Black, the flat sandals with ankle straps and a buckle, made from Piñatex. This innovative material is proven from the reuse of residue generated in the pineapple farming industry. It uses the fibers from the pineapple leaves to obtain a biodegradable, renewable and cruelty-free material.

This model's balanced design matches various outfits and occasions, and has the raw touch of the outer textile. It is a modern, comfortable and fresh model, especially for summer days.

Made with hypoallergenic materials and free from environmental toxins. They are breathable and anti-microbial (preventing suffocation and bad odor). They also have a moisture wicking, cushioned EVA insole (that, along with the inclination given by the heel gives the foot arch support).

Available in burgundy and black

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